vendredi 17 avril 2015

Advantages of Particle Size Analyzer

Particle size analyzer

Perform particle shape and size analysis with our accessory, the Shape Analyzer. CILAS has the only Laser Particle Size Analyzer which can show you the shape of your particles while performing particle size distribution analysis.

Particle size analysis

2 in 1 integrated wet and dry dispersion modes. CILAS unique design provides very fast measurements in wet or dry mode. The system can be configured to measure in wet or dry mode with just the click of a mouse. Only CILAS lets you switch modes without any hardware handling.

Particle size distribution

Our intuitive software, Size Expert, allows you to drive the instrument with just the click of the mouse on the interactive graphic screen. Simply click on a picture of the component you want to turn on or off and the software makes the change for you. No need to search through hidden menus to monitor your particle size analyzer.

Shape analyzer

The Short and stable Bench Concept is a unique feature developed by CILAS. Our patented design has all the optical components rigidly aligned on a short cast iron baseplate. Permanently aligned optics guarantee that the system is aligned throughout the entire measurement, providing more reliable particle size distribution data. 

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